Ultimate Software to Recover Data from Toshiba USB Flash Drive

Toshiba USB Flash Drive is nothing but a data storage device which can be used for storing data such as games, PowerPoint presentations, Word docs, audio, video, images, etc. Toshiba USB drives are non-volatile and uses flash memory to store data i.e. it can be electrically erased and re-programmed.

These USB drives come in variety of sizes, cost and capacity. These USB Drives are very efficient as they do not contain any internal moving parts and are more durable than traditional data storage devices which use mechanical parts to store and retrieve data. Nowadays, they are becoming very popular due to their extreme portability and high data capacity.

Toshiba USB drives are preferred by many people as it is compatible with both Windows and Mac Operating System. They are often used for storing essential data as a back-up and for the transfer of data from one computer to another computer. But many a times, due to mishandling people tend to lose their vital information present in USB Drives. Even though your USB drive may look empty, you can still recover the lost data by using some good recovery software like Undelete USB software.

Common Scenarios for Data Loss from Toshiba Pen Drive

  • Sometimes, the user may unintentionally delete some important files while deleting unwanted files.
  • The data may get deleted during transfer of data due to power failure.
  • The data in the pen drive may also get deleted due to sudden ejection of pen drive during transfer of data from pen drive to computer.
  • Sometimes, the file system of the pen drive may get corrupted leading to data loss.
  • Due to virus infection of the pen drive, unwanted folder shortcuts may get created automatically resulting in inaccessibility of data.
  • Sometimes, the user may accidently format the pen drive which may lead to loss of data.
  • The data may get lost due to third party tools like antivirus which is capable of deleting the virus infected file without user’s intervention.

Features of Undelete USB Software:

  • Undelete USB Software is fully automated and is provided with a easy to use Graphical User Interface so that even a non-technical user will find it as easy to use.
  • It is also provided with “Save Recovery Session” option to save the data recovery session so that the user may resume/save the recovery session anytime without wasting time in re-scanning the drive.
  • The tool is also available in free version where the user can see the benefits of it and later it can be activated to paid version.
  • The Undelete USB application can be used for file recovery from Toshiba USB drive as it has a strong built-in scanning algorithm that will recover each and every bit of the lost data.
  • Since the software is designed and developed using genuine tools, it is very secure to use as compared with the other free recovery software.


  • Try to use a genuine antivirus software and scan the pen drive regularly
  • Do not paste any data in the pen drive from which the lost data is to be recovered or else that data will be overwritten by the new data leading to permanent loss
  • Try to avoid free recovery software as these are heavily bugged which may affect your existing data