Simple Way to Retrieve Shift Deleted Files

Files that are deleted using Shift + Delete command on your Windows machine, will not appear in Recycle Bin. In this situation some peoples may think that these files cannot be restored anyhow, but the good thing is that your files are safer on hard disk in the form of raw data. As long as the raw data is not overwritten ,there are still chances to restore files that are deleted by Shift Delete option. One can restore all the deleted files with the help of Crucial Data Recovery tool. Following are some major reasons for deletion of files.

  • Accidental deletion: Most of the time files get deleted due to human mistakes such as pressing Delete or Shift+Delete button which wipe data from hard disk. Files that are deleted using Delete button are possible to restore from recycle bin or trash in your PCs/laptops, but it’s not possible to restore files that are deleted by Shift+Delete option without using a data recovery tool.
  • Deletion by Third party Software: Third party tools like Antivirus software may delete your important files if it is affected with viruses/malware .
  • Deletion from Command Prompt: Deleting files using command prompt in Windows operating systems is an another possible scenario of file deletion.
  • Deletion of Big Folder: When you delete folders in Windows that contain huge data to get storage space on your hard disk may surpass Recycle Bin, if the size of folder is more that Recycle Bin can afford.
  • Emptying Recycle Bin: If you are selecting ‘empty Recycle Bin’ option which can seen on your Recycle Bin menu, the files on Recycle bin will get deleted from your computer. Still you can recover it using a powerful data recovery tool.

You need not have to get worried by thinking about your valuable files like images, audios, videos, and documents which are deleted permanently using Shift Delete key .These files can be restored  easily by using awarding  winning  recovery tool like Crucial Data Recovery tool which brings all your file in hassle free way.

Some features of Crucial Data Recovery tool:

  • Crucial Data Recovery tool scans entire drive to recover data deleted using Shift Delete in very few minutes
  • This software supports recovery of files from file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFSX, HFS, HFS+ , and ExFAT partitions. It also supports recovery from hard drives like SATA, IDE, SCSI, ATA, SAS etc.
  • You can view recovered files on the basis of file extension using the File Type view option and also provides Data Type view to have a view similar to Windows Explorer.
  • This software allows you to recover files on basis of the unique file signatures.
  • This application uses advanced scanning techniques to recover all type of file that are deleted due to Shift Delete option including images, audios, videos, documents, PPT etc.
  • Some of the important file types that you can recover using this tool are JPEG, TIFF, PSD, GIF, MP3, PNG, MOV, MP4, WAV, MPG, etc.
  • This tool supports all latest versions of both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Things to Remember:

  • Don’t overwrite on deleted drive ,to retain chance of recovery of deleted files.
  • Always use reliable Anti-virus software to prevent from virus attacks.