Simple Program to Clear Outlook Cache in Windows 7

As a result of continuous use of Outlook profile, many users suffer from the problem like sluggish performance of Outlook app. Die to which, you observe that search features have become not viable. Effortless search process including sending and receiving emails will hang and freeze the Outlook window. The effective solution to overcome such condition is to boost up Outlook speed and clean its cache. In case, if you do not clear history of user files and folders, it is impossible to utilize the auto complete attributes while composing mails in Windows 7 computer. In such worst situation, it is required to use Fix Outlook inbox software.

Before moving towards the finest way to clear Outlook cache in Windows 7 let us see what the significance of auto complete features is. The auto complete feature in MS Outlook application employs cache for several email addresses on the user account. It stores information like name, calendar items, etc. and lists are created automatically while making use of this application. All files get stored in the form of hidden messages in the mailbox. One can come across with an option for resetting the cache when you are encountering any type of corruption issues with cache. In such case, it is needed to reset the auto complete cache upon the app. To perform this process, open the MS Outlook application and select the file option from the top menu. Now, choose the options from the drop down list and choose mail tab from the options window. Under the send messages and near to the “Use Auto Complete List” to propose names when typing TO, Cc, Bcc lines check box and you can observe the button to clear the auto complete list. Then, click on the “Yes” option available in the prompt window. Hence, the auto complete cache is deleted and reset again start to save the information when you run the app. You can utilize this ideal program to delete outlook cache Windows 7 and other launches of Windows OS like XP, Vista, 2003 and 8.

However, with the enhancement in number of users and others who do not like to go through above said steps must to utilize this superior software to fix damaged Outlook cache and to regain access back to auto complete features by clearing the stored cache in the mailbox of Microsoft Exchange Server on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Additionally, it can enhance the Outlook speed which is not responding and displaying error messages. Visit here: to get more info about Outlook running slow and freezing.

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