Protect SD Card Data

SD cards are very good method of data storage. SD cards are small, light and it is capable of storing lot of data. Smartphone, digital cameras, tablets are all capable of holding SD cards. Many of them come with them and hence the chances are you may be using one without realizing it. How can you protect access data to an SD card so that only an authorized user can read or modify the content of the SD card. At present everyone who has an access to the SD card can read or modify the data stored on it. Therefore it is very necessary to lock your SD card in order to prevent others in accessing.

One of the easiest method to protect SD card data is by following the method of encryption. This process of encryption locks down the data on the SD card and makes it so that the password must be entered before any data can be reviewed. In article will show you how to encrypt the SD card in order to protect its data.

How to Encrypt SD Card

  • From the SD card on the Smartphone, open the settings and navigate to the security section.
  • Tap on Encrypt SD card to start the process for encrypting your Phone SD card. It is necessary to select the password as the screen lock method if you want to enable the encryption for the SD card.  Until and unless you set the screen lock as a password, you phone does not allow you to encrypt the SD card.
  • After setting 6 digit password, the screen lock, you can then see some options appearing on the screen. Tap on Turn on card to encrypt your phone’s SD card.
  • Now tap on Yes on the next screen to encrypt the files on your SD card.
  • Then you will be prompted whether you want to encrypt all the files. Tap on Yes or No according to your requirement. If in case there are any multimedia files which are needed to be encrypted on your SD card then tap on Yes.
  • Next tap on Continue and enter the password when prompted.
  • To end with you have to tap on Apply to start the encryption process. Keep in mind that only according to the SD card’s size, it might take a while for the encryption process to be completed.

Then you can expand the notification bar to see the progress of the encryption process. After completion of the encryption process you will see the notification.

Thus all the content on your SD card are completely protected. For any other reasons if you want to decrypt the contents of the SD card then you can navigate to the Encryption settings on your phone and tap on Turn off to decrypt SD card.

If you find difficult to follow this steps which are mentioned then there is no need to be worried.