Plan a Perfect Tool to Deal with Data Loss Issues on Removable Hard Drives

Do you want to obtain back files deleted from removable hard drives? Deleting of files on removable hard drives is not simple as it is with the deleting file on PC. Whenever you delete any file on your PC, it will get stored into the Recycle Bin of the Windows Operating systems. And, if you are using Mac operating system then deleted file will stored in to the Trash. But whenever you are deleting any file on the Removable hard drive then it will not enter into the Recycle bin or Trash. It gets bypassed from the Recycle Bin/Trash. So, a file which is deleted from the external hard drives it is subjected to get lost.

To recover this kind of files and deal loss scenarios on removable hard drives you have to exploit some third party tool like removable hard drive recovery.   It consist of various attractive features and necessary precautions utilization of which will avoid data loss issues on removable hard disks

Data Loss Issues on Removable Hard Disks

Anti-Virus Scanning on Removable Hard Drives: To remove any virus occurring on your removable hard disks, you will employ some data antivirus software. This antivirus tool will scan all of the files and it may delete some virus infected files without any information. So that will get lost in this scenario

Interruption of File Transfer Process: When, you are transferring any file from your removable hard disks to PC or from PC to removable hard drives, if any how this transfer process gets interrupted due to reasons like sudden power failure, losing of the data cable of the external hard drives, etc. in that case you will get your files lost.

Cut-Paste of the File when it is not properly attached: If, your hard disk is not properly mounted to the PC and your pasting any file by using cut option then you will miss that file. For this you should carefully check weightier the external hard disk is properly connected to your PC or not.

Hard Drive Crash: It is a situation, when your removable hard disks will not react to any of your request. This state of hard disk is said to be dead. Hard disk crash occurs due to corruptions, sudden power failures, virus attacks, file system corruptions, etc. In this scenario you will lose all of the files residing on your removable hard disks.

Relevant Features of the Application

  • This software will efficiently recover files from removable hard drive which are lost due to corrupted, lost, accidental deletion  or any other data loss scenario
  • Scans entire removable hard disks in few seconds
  • Provides preview of the recovered files before you go to save them
  • It offers data type view and file type view of the regained files
  • Obtains back files that are lost missing from all kinds of removable hard drives
  • Rescues files from formatted/reformatted, partitioned and repartitioned drives or volumes
  • Can get back all types of image files, DOCX, DOC, PPTS, XL, PDF files, etc. that are lost from external hard disks
  • Offers free demo version