Perform Recovery of Lost Files after Reinstalling Mountain Lion OS X with 100% Success Rate

“Few days back I lost my data because of reinstallation of mountain lion Mac OS X. I had been happened due to I shutdown the system abnormally if this was performing read write operation. After few when I attempted to start system then the system failed to boot further. I was stunned in this situation what went down to my PC. In most effort, there was no alternation in result, each time result was exactly the same. Finally, I made a decision to reinstall the operating system to make the system workable for additional use. Once I was on formatting option then I accidentally formatted complete hard disk drive. Further operating system was get installed, but all the drive volumes mearged to single one and whole data inside the volumes was erased. After facing this kind of issue, I was thinking the way to get back my lost data effectively. Therefore, I was looking for a highly effective tool to extract lost data. Finally, after a long search I came across a tool named Recover After Reinstall. Trust me with the aid of this tool I successfully revived entire lost data in an efficient way. “

In case you are one, who has lost data after reinstalling mountain lion OS X then this tool is boon for you. With the aid of this tool, you are able to recover every bit of data effectively. This tool is competent to revive data in from various supported Mac file system including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, EXFAT. It performs recovery of lost data based on various intact file signatures like date of creation, file system, file type and so forth. Along with recovery of lost data from mountain OS X, you are able to recover data from several other existing Mac operating systems including Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard.

Let us talk of some causes that could result in reinstallation of mountain lion OS X:

  • Improper shutdown: Whenever you shutdown machine when it is performing read write operation then there is a possibility of MFT corruption. Once it is happened then it is must to reinstall the operating system further to make it bootable again.
  • File system conversion: While converting file system when there is a disruption occur while conversion process then it leads to incomplete conversion process. Once it is happened then you might face unbootable condition while starting system.
  • File system corruption: If file system is corrupted, where the operating system is installed then you become not able to access the system further. Within this type of condition, you have to reinstall operating system for more usage of system.

Out of all circumstances, there could be a chance that you need to reinstall the OS. It is simply because each scenario has a capacity to damage system files either by corrupting or by damaging them. Whether it has got happened then you might format entire hard disk drive while reinstalling operating system. After facing this kind of issue, there is no need to get fret. In this situation you can utilize Recover After Reinstall tool successfully revive data after reinstallation in an efficient way.