Microsoft Outlook Repair Tool for Windows 7

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is one of the latest versions of outlook which is capable of managing personal information as well. It has three new features like To-Do Bar, Instant search and Attachment previewing. It stores all the information on the folder and these folders are stored either on Microsoft Exchange Server or in the file system within the personal storage file. If Microsoft External Server is not in use then the Outlook will be stored on a Personal Storage File. Outlook 2007 is the powerful email program and personal information manager compared to other version of outlook. It can store all the information like emails, calendar, contacts, journal items, notes, etc.

PST file on the Microsoft Outlook 2007 will be having the maximum storage capacity of 20GB.If it exceeds this storage capacity then it will corrupts the Outlook PST file which results in data loss. Now let us consider one of the scenario like you have large volume of mails on your Microsoft Outlook. When you try to access these mails it may fail to respond and gets struck. In this situation you may force to terminate the outlook abnormally. And then you restart your system which leads to the corruption of PST file and you end up with the losing mails from your Outlook. If this is the conditions then prefer fix outlook Windows 7 software which is an excellent Outlook PST files fixer. This tool is helps to fix corrupted Outlook PST file for Windows 7 and rescues all the items of Outlook from various folders.

Other common reasons for data loss from Outlook PST file

  • Sudden power surge: When you are accessing any data from Outlook PST file if there is a sudden power failure then you may lose emails and other attributes of Microsoft Outlook 2007.It can also cause the corruption for file system of the system hard drive which in turn makes Outlook PST file inaccessible resulting in huge data loss.
  • Antivirus Scanning programs: Usually, antivirus programs are used to avoid virus infection for the system. But, sometimes these antivirus programs may also leads to data loss. When you receive any email to your Outlook, first it is scanned for viruses. If it finds any harmful viruses then it will directly delete emails which results in loss of important emails.
  • Faulty networking device: PST file may also get corrupted due to the damage in the networking devices such as hubs, routers, cables and other devices or if there is a improper connectivity of the internet then also PST file gets corrupted which leads to inaccessibility of mails and other data.

Of course there may be other reasons for the corruption of the Microsoft Outlook and you will be thinking of how to fix Outlook PST file which is corrupted but you need not to be worried until this tool is available. This software is designed using efficient algorithms, so that it can get back corrupted PST file and rescues all attributes of Outlook which are inaccessible.

Other features of this software

  • This software gives the solution for how to fix Outlook 2010 as it is capable enough to find corrupted Outlook 2010 PST file on exchange damaged while upgrading operating system from one version to other.
  • This software is safe and secure to be used on your system since it’s a read only tool that repair PST not responding error and save the fixed file in the new location.
  • This tool is capable of repairing highly encrypted Outlook PST files.
  • It can easily extract email messages deleted from your deleted items folder or from any other folder on Outlook.

This is the best Outlook PST file repair utility you can download the demo version of this tool to fix your PST file and execute all steps given in the software and finally evaluate the final result. If you are satisfied with its results then purchase license key of this software and save your Outlook data.