Know How to Repair AVI Files in Few Simple Steps

AVI is a file format which is one of the most important file format developed by Microsoft Corporation Limited. It occupies more space in storage device as it supports high quality in audio and video. It contains both audio and video file and supports various streaming features. But sometimes the AVI file get easily corrupted and you are not able to play any video file with .avi format. The AVI files get corrupted due to various known or unknown reasons and the corrupted file become unplayable on Windows and Mac operating system based computers. If such kind of situation arises, users usually get panic and started thinking about how to repair AVI files but this is totally waste of time. So, instead of wasting your time you can easily employ to AVI File Repair Software.

how to repair AVI files

Basically, this kind of problem is not a very big issue and you can easily repair the corrupted AVI files. There are many tools available to fix corrupted AVI files but the most reliable and result oriented tool is AVI file repair. This software is quite safe and secure to fix AVI files. It is compatible on all the latest version Windows and Mac computers. Along with AVI file, this tool also repairs DivX and XVID video files.

Common scenarios of AVI file corruption:

  • While converting AVI file into some other file format, any kind of error can cause corruption to AVI files. As a result you are not able to open any video or audio files with AVI file format.
  • Formation of excessive bad sectors on hard drive, may end up with corruption of AVI files. Bad sectors on hard drive may corrupt all the saved files and folders.
  • Codec file is needed for playing any AVI files. Basically, Codec is a supporting file and different codec supports different AVI files. But, when codec file gets corrupt, you are not able to play any AVI files.
  • Apart from the given reasons, other scenarios behind corruption of AVI files are reinstallation of operating system, repartition of hard drive, header file corruption, oversized file, etc.

Salient Features of AVI File Repair Software:

This result oriented software has inbuilt advance scanning engine which helps to scan entire system within few minutes and easily repairs the corrupted AVI files. Instead of repairing AVI files, it also repairs MP4, MOV and many more. it repair AVI files from different devices such as external hard drive, flash drive, iPods, FireWire drive, Pen drive, USB drive, SD card, XD card, MMC card, CF card, etc. You can easily preview the recovered files prior to its restoration. This software has inbuilt “Save Recovery Session” feature, using this special feature you can resume the recovery session at any time. It repairs and adjoins audio and video data stream side by side.