How to Use Outlook 365?

This article will help you in learning some important things about Office 365 and how to use Outlook 365 for business purposes like contacts, mail, and calendar by use of Outlook web app with your web browser. With the help of Outlook Web App you can use your web browser for viewing email, contacts and calendar.  You can also get connected to your account with the help of Smartphone or a tablet.

If you are new in Outlook 365, at first step you need to sign up with your desired username and password. After that, you can sign in to Office 365 and can access Outlook 365 with your work or school account. On the Office 365, for business navigation bar, you can find a set of links that can connects you to different parts of your Office 365 School or work profile. Apart from that, the entire article is basically focused upon basics of getting started with Outlook 365 and working with Mailbox.

  1. Getting started with Outlook 365

Outlook Web App navigation bar

The Mail icon that appears whenever you receive a new message, and the Calendar icon shows up when there is a task or calendar reminder for any particular task. You can click on the email icon to get the preview of newest email, or can click on the calendar icon to view and manage calendar and task reminders. The icons appear only whenever there is a new message. You have to click on the navigation bar to switch on other section of Outlook Web App.

Opening an item in a separate window

By default, you can read and create items in Outlook Web App either in the reading pane or in a window that overlays the main window. But sometimes you can view or edit an item in a separate window. You have to click on more options icon, and then choose Open in a separate window. Offline access lets you use Outlook Web App on your laptop or desktop computer when you’re not connected to the Internet. For information about setting up offline access, see Using Outlook Web App offline.

  1. How To Manage Your Mailbox in Office 365

After signing in to Office 365, you have to click on Outlook to go to your Inbox in Outlook Web App.

Creating and Managing Mail in Outlook Web App

  • Create a new mail by clicking on new mail option.
  • The Folders list includes the folders in your mailbox and Favorites. It also includes other folders, like Archive folders.
  • You can view the contents of any folder in the list by clicking “Show Expand” to expand a list, or “Hide Collapse” to collapse a list.
  • In the search box, type what you want to search for, like the name of a person you want to search mails from, or text that you want to search for to find any specific mail.

Managing mailbox:  For every entry in the list view there has additional information regarding read and unread messages or if there is any attachment, flag, or category associated with any messages in the conversation. A conversation can have multiple messages. When a conversation is selected, you can delete it, add a flag, or add a category by clicking on relevant icons. There are filters at the top of the list view that you can click for quick search of unread messages that includes your name in the To or Cc box, or that are flagged. You can also see the name of the folder you’re viewing and the view that you had selected.