How to Restore Deleted Images from SD Card?

An SD card is a type of memory card that is widely used as an external storage in devices like mobile phones, digital camera, iPods & other handheld devices. Usually these devices have their own internal memory storage but for those who want to store a huge amount of pictures, songs & videos, SD card is the best choice. The size of an SD card can go up to 2GB. The pictures saves on this SD card can be easily transferred to a laptop or desktop hard drive. The same SD card can be used in different handheld devices & data can be easily ported from one device to another. But due to this frequent use in different kind of devices, you might face corruption in the SD card which results in the loss of pictures. After facing this kind of loss, the only question that comes in your mind is “how to retrieve pictures that are deleted or lost?”

But before we answer this question, the first thing you should know is that how the pictures were deleted. By knowing these, you will be careful in future & avoid photo loss –

Accidental Deletion – Deletion is a very common reason due to which people might lose their favorite pictures. Suppose you were checking out the pictures that you clicked on a recent vacation. While doing so, you found that some pictures were not good you decided to erase them. But during this, you accidentally selected some important ones & deleted them.

Intentional Removal of photos – There are times when a user deletes some files on his own & later realizes the need. This can also happen when you think that you have a backup, but later when you go & check it, you find that it is not updated. But till then it will be very late.

Erasing pictures when SD card is connected to a system – If deletion of photos is performed, when the SD card is connected to a computer system then, even using only the Delete option will remove the picture forever. This fact is not known by many of the users, therefore this situation might have happened with many of you.

Formatting – Formatting is the most disastrous kind of data loss situation as in this, even the last bit present on the drive gets deleted. Formatting can be intentional or accidental, but consequences for both of them are very disturbing. As the Format option is readily available to all the users, therefore it happens very often.

But losing precious pictures due to any of the above mentioned scenarios might make you think that the pictures are gone forever. But that is not the truth, the photos are still present on the SD card & one can easily restore images deleted from SD card. The Photo Recovery utility is the best application available among other data recovery tools. To get an idea of the actual working of this tool, download the demo version which is available as free. By using the application’s unique features, the complex recovery process is performed in a very short time span & with utmost ease. Every screen contains a detailed explanation as what should be done in that particular step.