How to Fix Error When Extracting ZIP Archive

Zip Archive contains one or more compressed files in it. WinZip is the most popular, open source utility and Zip is the most popular compression format used for Windows. It keeps the related files together and makes easy to transporting, emailing, downloading data and software in faster and efficient way. By compressing data, Zip files saves our time and space in transferring and downloading email attachment faster. Zip files are helpful in case of distributing files on internet, with a single download all attached files are downloaded. While sending the large data files through internet compress the files on a single Zip file, and downloading which can be extract easily by extracting itself in Windows environment.

But the errors while extracting the Zip files are common issues. While downloading and extracting Zip files you may get some error. When the any single file in a Zip file is damaged, you will not be able to extract all files correctly. Damaged data can affect the entire Zip file, so it’s a serious problem. Damage in a single file will affect others too. To solve the problem of damaged or corrupted Zip files you can try to obtain another copy of the original Zip file. Even though if it could not get solved or you can’t get another copy of original Zip files, then you need to use some powerful third party repair tool. You can opt Repair Corrupted Zip software for repairing. It is one of the best program to fix error when extracting ZIP files. It is read only software thus guarantees not to make any modification in your original corrupted or damaged ZIP file, after repairing it generates new ZIP file. It can repair all types of Zip files error occurred due to any reason.

Common causes for ZIP file corruption

  • Most common cause of ZIP file corruption is transfer error while downloading a zip file format from internet, due to this error some invalid data are introduced in ZIP file. Sometimes due to internet connection interruption files may got corrupted.
  • Sender may use some third party tool to compress the files, in this case there is a chance of getting header issue.
  • Zip file consists of highly compressed data so, while extracting Zip file, if there is less memory space than required on your system, may lead to corruption of Zip file.
  • If the receiver system has low version OS, may not be able to unzip the Zip file created on a newer OS.

Features of Repair Corrupted Zip Software

  • It is non-destructive and read-only software, which doesn’t make any modification on original Zip file. After repairing it creates new Zip files and save it in your desired location. Thus it is completely safe and secure to use.
  • Repairs corrupted file with CRC.
  • After repairing preview is available prior to save, so you can see your repaired files.
  • Repairs all types of Zip files 32 bit and 64 bit.
  • GUI is so interactive that any novice can use it.

Steps to follow while using Repair Corrupted Zip

  • After downloading install the Repair Corrupted Zip software on your system.
  • Launch the software and select the corrupted Zip file by clicking on Browse button.
  • After browsing click on Repair button, and as soon as repairing process is finished you can preview the repaired Zip file.
  • Now save the Zip file on your desired location or storage device.