How to Fix Error 2048 MOV File?


Petrified by the thought  of how to fix 2048 mov file? Here is an application which allows fixing error 2048 mov file within a few clicks.

The recover Windows is the integrated recovery tool which can recover all renowned formats of multimedia files including the mov file very efficiently employing its easy-to-use interactive GUI and is free to download throughout the internet. It is compatible to multiple operating systems like of Mac and Windows including the latest versions.

It has the ability to recover corrupted/lost data from USB drives, Flashwire, RAID(RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5)partitions, hard disk types of SATA/IDE/SCSI to name a few and also from file systems of NTFS,NTFS5,FAT16,FAT32 and ExFAT.

It has unique signatures to identify to identify the multimedia files and can also recover RAW image formats(NEF,PEF  etc.) from all the major manufacturers if DSLR’s(Cannon, Nikon etc). It can also recover files that are residing in the bad sectors of the drives and files from iPods, formatted/deleted drive employing its advanced algorithms which allows swift and efficient recovery.

What is Quicktime Format?

The Quicktime file format developed by Apple Inc specifying a container file for multimedia files which contains one or more unique tracks of data which may be audio, video or text.

The file extension is “.mov” and “.qt” and is extended to MPEG-4 Part 12 format and has a uniform type identifier (UTI) as Every single track stores a digitally encoded media stream or may be data reference to the media stream which may be located on another file. The tracks are maintained in the ranking order structure consisting of objects called atoms which can contain media or even edit them too.

The Quicktime format is aptly suitable for editing purposes due to the ability to store abstract data references for the multimedia data and can also import and edit without copying the files.

The Passthrough option in Quick time Pro is an export dialog which allows the user to cleanly export the files to MP4 format without hampering the multimedia files.

How data gets corrupted?

  • Virus and malwares are a threat towards the security issues of the files which can corrupt the files and thus render them as inaccessible. The storage location of the file may change, the display language may change and the user may also experience weird behavior.
  • Inadvertent formatting of the drive can cause the files to be deleted permanently from the drive. Mistakenly deleting the unique and important files rather than the similar and the insignificant ones thus rendering to loss of important information.
  • The hard drive crash can also result in complete loss of data. Frequently manipulating the file systems can result in corrupted hard drive.
  • Removing the device prior to the completion of the transfer process can cause the files to be inaccessible.
  • Shutdown of the device while downloading content can also result in broken and inaccessible files.

Why Recover Windows over others?

The Save Recovery session allows the user to freeze and store the instant of the recovery process so as to curb the repeated scanning of the entire drive which is both laborious and annoying. The Open recovery session entitles the user to open the saved recovery process so as to continue from where the user left off thus curbing time elapsed and increase the performance.

The First try then Buy allows the user to firstly download and install the free version of the software available on the internet and proceed with the recovery process. The recovered files can be viewed prior to saving them, but saving them to the destination folder requires upgrading to the Pro version of the software.