Essential Programs Required for Your New Computer

If you are a new computer user and don’t know much about using and applications in the computer, so don’t be worried. Lets us study about the requirements of the computer applications and how to handle a new computer easily? In a new computer primarily you need to purchase operating system. In Windows there are many versions of operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc. Among all these versions, Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows. Note that hard drive is the essential part of the computer, without which you cannot on the computer.

Tips-for-Buying-a-New-ComputerNow let’s study about required applications in a new PC:

Browser: In an operating system there will be an inbuilt browser which gets installed with the installation of operating system. But there are many other third party browsers with advanced features such as high speed, minimum usage of data, etc. some of the advanced browsers are Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc. So download anyone of this browser to browse anything you need.

Antivirus: Nowadays virus is very abundant and is very dangerous since it will cause data loss or corruption of files. Virus may get enter into your computer when you transfer files from virus infected devices to your computer or vice versa and also when you download files from virus infected websites. So if you install antivirus in your computer, then your computer will be safe because the antivirus will not allow the virus to enter into the computer.

Office Suite: For professional usage you many need to maintain documents such as Word file and Excel files. Also to prepare presentation files you need to buy an Office suite. The most commonly used office suites are MS Office and LibreOffice. By installing any of these suites you will get a package of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and many more applications.

Media Players: By installing an operating system there will be an inbuilt media player but this media player will not support many video file types. So to play all the videos we need to install selective media players which support all the video file types. Some of the popular video players are VLC player, GOM player, KM player, RealPlayer, etc.