Data Recovery from Lost exFAT Partition

exFAT is abbreviated as Extended File Allocation Table. exFAT is one of the renowned file system which is the successor to FAT32 in the FAT family of file systems. This exFAT handles large files that are used for media storage, and it lets flawless operates between desktop computers and devices like portable media devices. Due to its functionality, it is easy to copy files between the system and external devices or between the computer and other OS. Unfortunately like other device, exFAT partition can be lost because of some known or unknown reasons.

If you want to get over loss of exFAT partition then the easy solution is to have backup of essential files from exFAT partition to other storage device. But unluckily if you fail to take proper backup then here is the perfect approach. Just utilize this rescue partition software to solve your lost exFAT partition issue. This rescue partition application has the potential to recover lost ExFAT partition with great ease. This tool identifies and recovers 300 types of files including documents, zip archives email archives, spreadsheets and other important files recognized by their unique signatures. All the recovered files can be viewed according to their name, signature or creation date.

Some of the reasons that lead to loss of exFAT partition are as follows:

  • Repartitioning errors: Adding partitions to the hard drive that is already divided in sectors is known as repartitioning. This repartitioning operation must be done with proper care. This is because even minor errors while repartitioning can lead to big disaster and you will end up with lose of available exFAT partitions from HDD. However, rescue partition software easily helps in restoring lost exFAT partition in fraction of minutes.
  • File system corruption: Because of improper shut down of the system, occurrence of errors while changing the drive accessibility settings or due to any unknown causes, if file system gets damaged then exFAT partitions become inaccessible and ultimately they will be lost. But, this rescue partition tool has the ability to perform data recovery from lost exFAT partition in a very effective way.
  • Software conflicts: Installing a malicious program or having an outdated application that is not compatible enough with your Operating system can even result in loss of exFAT partition. However, you don’t worry, rescue partition app helps in restoration of lost exFAT partition in few minutes.

Because of all these factors, the files stored in your exFAT partition may become completely inaccessible. In order to recover lost exFAT partition, you need to go for file recovery through reliable third party software named as rescue partition as mentioned above in this article.

Prominent Features of Rescue Partition Tool:

Rescue partition utility is enriched with powerful scanning algorithms to accomplish deep scanning of entire system and helps in retrieving lost ExFAT partition data including pictures, audio, video, documents, etc with ease. This partition recovery program supports to get back files from lost partition from different hard drive types like SATA, SCSI, IDE and its manufacturers, for example, Seagate, Hitachi, Buffalo and others. It offers simple user interface which not just restores ExFAT partition furthermore different various partitions like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, etc.

Save Recovery Session of this rescue partition toolkit allows you to save the current session so that you need not scan the entire ExFAT partition again to retrieve and save the lost file. This rescue partition wizard also recovers missing exFAT partition by following few simple steps. All the rescued files can be previewed before saving those files from the lost exFAT partition and they can also be compressed which help in saving the memory space. This app has capacity to get back lost information from external HDD, USB drive, flash drive, Thumb drive, FireWire drive and numerous others.

In order to free yourself from data loss scenarios on exFAT partitions, it is necessary to adapt some precautions, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Make important files as read only file in exFAT partition.
  • Always make your system virus free by downloading effective antivirus software.
  • Never add any new data to the exFAT partition from where you are recovering.