Best Method to Recover Files from Damaged USB Flash Drive after Format

USB flash drive, also known as USB stick, pen drive or simply USB drive is a tiny and portable flash memory card. It is usually removable, re-writable and has the capability to hoard enormous amount of data such as photos, songs, videos, documents and many others. That is why these days many people depend on flash drive to store and carry essential data.

Even though flash drive is helpful and widely used, there are situations that lead to corruption or damage of flash drive because of different reasons. This in turn leads to deletion or loss of your important files from flash drive. If your flash drive is damaged, it may force you to format it before you try to access the files in it. You do not have other alternative, however to format it. Formatting of flash drive leads to deletion of all entry of data on file system which in turn allows you to lose complete data on the flash drive. What if even you do not have back up of your valuable data? Can you recover files from damaged flash drive after format? Of course! It is possible to restore files from damaged flash drive after format by making use of trustworthy Transcend USB recovery software. This application has the ability to recover files from flash drive after format in minutes.

Significant features of Transcend USB recovery application

Transcend USB recovery toolkit is the appropriate software which can be used to recover files from damaged USB flash Drive after format in just few simple clicks.  This program supports more than 300 different file types. It has a simple graphical user interface with the help of which even a non-technical user can complete the recovery process without any difficulty. This tool can even restore damaged USB stick data. Apart from performing USB flash drive file recovery after format; this software has the capability to recover files from other numerous storage devices. This utility can retrieve files from flash drive after format on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008 as well as on all the latest editions of Mac operating systems. You can make use of the demo version of the app which is 100% virus free.

Scenarios that result in deletion or loss of files from USB flash drive after format

  • Assume you are to format one of the corrupted partitions of PC; however at the time of selection accidentally you selected the USB flash drive connected with your PC. This situation may in turn lead to deletion or loss of files from flash drive
  • At times when you connect your flash drive to PC, it might refuse to be read by operating system. This is due to corruption of flash drive, hence to overcome this problem you might require to format your USB flash drive. Formatting leads to deletion of all the files from your flash drive
  • Formatting of flash drive may be required while allocating new file system on your flash drive. If you have formatted your flash drive so as to allocate different file types on it without backing up its data, then it may also lead to deletion or loss of files from flash drive

You can use Transcend USB recovery software to overcome the above mentioned situations. Additionally, this application can carry out damaged USB stick data recovery as said before. If you face any kind of difficulties while performing damaged USB stick data recovery, then this too is even provided with detailed steps on how to recover damaged USB stick data.