All 11 Necessary Apps on Ubuntu

Using Ubuntu is your first time and has gone through many newbie Linux tricks, for you to install you will still wonder what kind of software is out. You may be starting to feel bit overwhelmed.

ubuntu-applicationsLinux is a vast new world of exciting possibilities when compared to Windows and there are a lot of familiarities as well. You can replicate many of the tasks everyday by using free software that you can’t go without. Here are the first few applications you should install, if you are looking at a fresh installation of Ubuntu and feeling a bit lost, and then here are few applications you need to make use of, that will cover most of your needs.

  • Tweak Tools: A lot of flexibility will not be provided by default Ubuntu when it comes to your desktop experience and the things can be changed as you change wallpaper, you can also use different fonts for your system and Window themes of different kinds can be installed, but not much more than that.
  • Synaptic Package Manager: Synaptic is objectively better, while browsing through packages it is not as laggy and returning search engines are faster. Package dependencies can be repaired, upgrading of smart system can be performed and with user friendly interface.
  • Google Chrome: On Linux you need to have Chrome installed and you have to use it as your primary browser. You should use Chrome in order to watch Netflix on Linux. Like Firefox and Opera there are other workaround browser and Chrome has up-to-date Flash support.
  • Geary: Several desktop email clients and you will choose one of the best and comfortable among them. Among all the best browsers Geary is also the best browser and it is very fast, clean, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.
  • VLC Media player: There are lot of great media players on Linux such as Bomi, Miro, SMPlayer and many others but the widely accepted and with wide variety of options is VLC Media Player. Commitment to the open source philosophy is the biggest selling point.
  • Tomahawk: very less number of people buys music these days. We are entering an age where the prevalence of services like streaming is preferable to ownership and that’s the most true for the music, Tomahawk makes you to manage all of your music, owned or streamed that owned in one place.

Apart from all the above applications, there are few many applications that are many other applications that are useful, some of them are Tixati, Sublime Text, GIMP, Dropbox, and Steam.