Uber-Thin and Powerful Lenovo YOGA 900 Laptop

Lenovo have announced YOGA 900 as its next-generation YOGA laptop, and it is the thinnest laptop for 2015. Thickness of the new YOGA 900 ultra laptop is 14.9m, whereas its weighs is about 2.8 Lbs. It category is the thinnest, according to Lenovo. When compared to the previous model, it is slightly more, but in both battery capacity and computing power Lenovo is made tremendous improvements.

lenovo-yoga-900-04YOGA 3 PRO is designed very much, but it’s simply not powerful enough and the battery capacity seemed too small to justify a blanket recommendation is it bottom-line.

The cost of the Lenovo YOGA 900 is $1199.99+ and it has nearly double the battery capacity and with Corei7 CPU options. The comparison will be brutal for the YOGA 3 Pro is clear even without running any benchmarks, also for similar Core-M based laptops.

Let us discuss about the internal hardware and following are some:

  • 3” QHD+ 3200×1800 IPS display
  • 16GB LPDDR3 max
  • Gen6 Core i5/Corei7 processors
  • 256GB or 512GB SSD
  • Dolby Audio Premium
  • 2x USB 3.0 ports
  • Larger trackpad
  • Improved keyboard with a dedicated Function key row

Lenovo has improved its cooling system in order to accommodate the performance upgrade that is 30% better. “How” they made it happen is not clarified by Lenovo, may be they used the same technique developed as for other Lenovo laptops and it has the large heatsink’s surface area and it is connected to a better venting system. To design it is not easy not easy task as it is given to thin laptop is. The general design from outside feels very similar to the Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro. Hinge system has been improved excellently, but new color choice is not obvious: Champagne Gold, Platinum Silver and Clementine Orange.

The same multimode that Lenovo has invented is offered by this YOGA computer. It has been used as a computer, tablet, and with different stand modes and with a 360 degree rotation. The Lenovo YOGA 900 looks like one of the best Windows laptop and it is looking forward to take a spin.

Uber-Thin and Powerful Lenovo YOGA 900 Laptop