Software to Recover Windows XP

Did you lost or deleted crucial documents from Windows XP Professional OS? Have you been finding a best way to get back lost files? In case yes, then, you’re at right location. You are planning to know the solution that will help to rescue lost or deleted files on Windows 7 professional. It is possible by using Professional File Recovery tool.

There are many reasons which cause to loss of data like accidental formatting, file system corruption, MBR corruption, virus infections and many more. After losing files on account of mentioned circumstances, majority of people have misconceptions that there’s no way in order to retrieve lost or deleted files. It is completely wrong, because it is possible by using this Professional data Recovery software you can actually rescue lost or deleted files. Therefore, when you delete any file upon system storage disk then it only deletes an entry from the pointer table along with shows free space to save new documents about it. The real predicament is that original files will continue on hard disk until and if you don’t overwrite deleted docs with new files.


  • When you inadvertently delete files from hard drive and empty the Recycle bin
  • Deletion of files by employing SHIFT + DELETE combination of key
  • Formatting system hard drive without taking any backup leading to loss of files
  • Due to format error like “your drive isn’t formatted. Do you want to format it now? ”
  • Abrupt system shutdown may cause to the files system corruption
  • Due to harmful program like virus, your crucial files may disappear from laptop or computer
  • Reformatting the HDD ends in data loss circumstances
  • Accidentally deletion connected with partition on hard drive while creating brand new partition

Some precaution steps:

  • After OS corruption usually do not try to restart your PC, it may contributes to the permanent loss of files
  • Stop working on hard drive and do definitely not save new files about it
  • Do not install any application upon HDD
  • Always want to use authorized along with trustworthy third party software such because antivirus

Note: The trial version with this recovery utility you’ll be able to download from official sites. After complete downloading, install it on your computer and perform recovery operation to evaluate the performance with this recovery app. In case you are satisfied from the service provided by utility then only purchase the product key.

This reliable tool can be a capable to recover Windows XP files saved on numerous hard disk for example SATA, ATA, IDE, SCSI, and so on. In addition this feature, the advance tool can retrieve several other versions of Windows OS like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2007, etc as well as Mac Operating system for example Snow Leopard, Pile Lion, Leopard, and so on. It is designed with advance and unique algorithm which has ability to read the content and copy for the new healthy file without the modification. This app can handle recovery from unique variations of partitions like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, HFSX, and so on.