Perfect Tool to recover lost files from USB

Then you have reached the right place to get back your lost information files in a couple of minutes. Data recovery software is one of the famous tools that have the ability to restore data lost due to following scenarios like formatting during re-installation of operating system, corruption of System Files, external threats like anti viruses, accidental formatting of certain hard drive partition whenever you re-install OS on your hard drive. However, data is still present on the hard drive until it is overwritten by new data, only file allocation information is deleted and the OS won’t be able to trace such files. No need to be panic, you can still restore data using Data Recovery Software, which is an effective tool to recover lost information from USB

Various reasons due to which data or information loss may happen:

Abrupt system shutdown: There is a proper way of shutting down your system, if at all the proper procedure is not followed by you then the file system of USB is likely to become inaccessible. This in turn will make all the information inaccessible or sometimes corrupts the file system, which results in drive formatting.Hence this leads to the loss of  your precious files.

Improper ejection: When you remove external storage devices like USB from your system, you have to make use of the option known as “Safely Remove Hardware”. Hence the files saved on the USB devices are safe & the device does not get corrupted. In case if you take out the device without using this option, it is likely that the next time you mount that device, the operating system may prompt a format error which leads to data loss.

Virus attack: File corruption may happen due to virus attacks. In order to fix such kind of problems you might format and re-install OS on your hard drive. This may lead you to lose data from the formatted partitions on the hard drive.

Interruption in transfer process: While copying files from a USB drive to a system using Cut & Paste operation, when the transfer process gets terminated, then there are chances that data files that were being transferred can be lost or sometimes the drives become inaccessible.

This software can retrieve nearly 300 file types based on their unique file signature and it can also recover lost data from USB drives, memory cards, iPod devices and hard drives. It enables data recovery after format or re formats of hard drive partitions and also allows you to retrieve data from re-partitioned hard drive. This software will let you retrieve lost data from SCSI, SATA and IDE hard drive types and performs complete data recovery for FAT, NTFS and HFS file systems. It works compatibly well on all latest versions of Windows machines as well as Mac machines. It is possible to recover data through the disk image created by this data recovery tool by bypassing  the bad sectors of hard drive. For more information visit: