Learn Simple Way to Repair MP4 Sync Problem

Yesterday morning, I downloaded a new movie on my system over the net and I thought of watching the downloaded movie. So, as soon as download finished I opened the movie file in VLC media player. But, the problem is there is 3 seconds of delay in audio when compared to video. Then, I played a movie file in Windows media player and I faced same problem. Audio is not synchronizing with the video and due to which I felt uncomfortable to watch a movie. I am worried a lot, as it took more than six hours to download a movie. Is it possible to fix the synchronization issue with my MP4 video file? Please can anyone suggest me a best solution to fix the synchronization problem in my MP4 video file? Thank you……!

Well, no need to worry, as it is possible to fix synchronization problem in your MP4 video file with the service of most reliable tool called Fix MP4 software. It can fix synchronization issues in your video file in just few seconds. Using this tool, you can fix synchronization problem in your MP4 video file in few simple steps. Just launch the demo version of this software on your system and run the application. This software provides the option called “Preview” in the demo version in order to view the repaired video files. But, unless you purchase the licensed version of this software, you can’t restore the repaired video files on your system. Before going to know much about this tool, let us know all the major factors which lead to synchronization error in MP4 video files.

Major factors which lead to synchronization problems in MP4 video files:

Severe virus attack: Most of the times, you face synchronization problems in your MP4 video files due to severe virus infection to your video files. Virus is a malicious program that can severely harm all your files including MP4 video files. Such virus infected MP4 video files will encounter synchronization issues

Improper file conversion method: Sometimes, you may face delay in audio when compared to video, while playing video file due to improper file conversion method. You might have used improper method while converting MOV file format to AVI file or vice versa. Such improperly converted files will face synchronization error while playing on any media player

Interruption during MP4 file transfer: Sometimes, you might abruptly remove your portable data storage device from the system while transferring MP4 video files from your device to computer and vice versa. As a result, the video files will prone to synchronization errors when you play on any media player. MP4 file transfer interruption can be happen also due to sudden power outage while transferring files from data storage device to your system and vice versa and the result is same

Incomplete download: At times, due to incomplete download of MP4 video file will make your MP4 video file corrupt. As a result, when you play such a video file on any media player, you will face sync problem

In all the above mentioned scenarios, fixing MP4 video synchronization problem is possible with the help of Fix MP4 software. This software has inbuilt algorithms which assists in fixing synchronization issues in MP4 video files very easily. It is such a fast tool as it can fix sync problem in MP4 video files in short span of time. It is a non-destructive read only tool as it copies corrupted MP4 video files and fixes the audio codecs & video codecs separately. Then, it adjoins the repaired video and audio codecs. Hence, it does not make any changes to the original source MP4 video file. It comes out with outstanding features.

Outstanding features of Fix MP4 tool:

Fix MP4 software can fix synchronization issues in various video files such as MP4 files, MOV files, AVI files and many more. It can fix synchronization problems in MP4 video files on all the versions of Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8 etc. It is even compatible on all the latest versions of Macintosh operating systems such as Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, Leopard etc. Fix MP4 tool is also capable of fixing synchronization problems in MP4 video files saved in any data storage devices like external hard drives, SD cards, memory cards, MMC cards, pen drives etc. It supports fixing of synchronization problems on different formatted hard drives such as HFS, HFS +, NTFS, ExFAT, FAT16 and FAT32 formatted drives. It can perform fixing of synchronization issues in video files on different hard drive interfaces like SCSI, IDE, PATA and SATA.

Why Fix MP4 software?

Before investing on any product, it is better to know all the merits and demerits of a product. Many repair tools are available in the market to fix errors in MP4 video files, but it is highly recommended to use Fix MP4 software, as it has many merits over other tools like

  1. Fix MP4 tool is very fast, effective and secure when compared to other tools
  2. It comes out with demo version and in the demo version itself you can view all the repaired MP4 video files
  3. It provides simple user interface such that even a new user can use this tool without any difficulty
  4. It provides free customer support. It has well trained and highly qualified professional team and you can contact them whenever you need any technical assistance.

Apart from above mentioned merits, it is even very robust tool and is free from virus & malwares as it is digitally signed. Hence, it is considered as the best tool to fix synchronization problems in your MP4 video files.