Know the Simplest Way of Restoring Extreme SD Card

Extreme SD card offers reliable data storage capacity, enough data transferring speed and durability to meet the demands of the professional photographers. But sometimes you might get the situation when your Extreme SD card may corrupted and you are searching for the Extreme SD card recovery software? Don’t worry! you are at the right place to recover Extreme SD card by using SanDisk card recovery software.

I already have utilized SanDisk Card Recovery tool to retrieve my essential files when SanDisk Extreme SD card got corrupted. I was in shock when I noticed my files became inaccessible but using this tool I have recovered all my valuable photos, video clips and other files in few minutes. So if your SanDisk Extreme card has been corrupted, then you can use this amazing tool and recover all your data using this simple way. This tool is also capable to recover data from formatted or re-formatted SanDisk Extreme SD card. 

Factors behind deletion,loss of data from extreme SD card

  • Accidental deletion of photos, video clips, audio files or any other important data from SanDisk Extreme SD card.
  • Wrong formatting or mistakenly formatted Extreme SD card.
  • Virus infected to SanDisk Extreme SD card data may lead to loss of data.
  • Loss of data (audio files, video clips, images or any other file) due to interruption, while data transferring from SanDisk Extreme SD card to computer or vice versa. i.e. Shut down of computer during data transferring process.
  • Data (like photos, video files, audio files) deleted due to SanDisk Extreme SD card corruption. 

Prominent attributes of SanDisk card recovery application

  • SanDisk card recovery app supports various versions of Windows and Mac operating system.
  • Ability to scan the entire SanDisk Extreme SD card within a minutes to recover deleted audio files, video files and photos.
  • Capability of SanDisk Extreme SD card data recovery even from formatted or re formatted SanDisk Extreme SD card.
  • Recovers deleted/lost data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, HFS+ and HFSX file system.
  • Included advanced searching option by which it can recover files from SanDisk extreme SD card on the basis of name, date, size and file type.

Procedure for restoring extreme SD card

  • Download SanDisk card recovery program and install it in your computer (Windows or Mac OS).
  • Properly connect SanDisk Extreme SD card to the computer USB port using Extreme SD card reader.
  • Run the software in the system. You will get three option Recover Files, Recover Drives and Recover Photos (Photo, Video, Audio) on the main screen. To recover deleted/lost photos click the option Recover Photos.
  • In the next screen you will get two options Recover Lost Photos (Photo, Video, Audio) and Recover Deleted Photos (Photo, Video, Audio), click the appropriate option as you need. i.e. to recover deleted photos, click the option Recover Deleted Photos. Then SanDisk card recovery tool will automatically start searching all the storage drives (like SanDisk Extreme SD card) that is connected to the computer. And displays result on the screen.
  • Select SanDisk SD card and click on the next button. The tool will scan the entire SanDisk SD card and shows the list of recovered deleted photos on the screen.
  • Soon you will be able to preview the selected photos and also you can save the selected photos in your preferred location.