How would you Regain Deleted Files from Memory Card??

A memory card is a small and re-writable storage device mostly employed in digital cameras, mobile phones, music players to store various types of files. Memory cards are so portable which makes them to be carried anywhere from one location to another. They can also be utilized on computers and laptops by connecting card reader inserted with memory card directly via USB port in order to save the files and access them at very faster rate when needed.

Loss of data from memory cards can be an unavoidable condition which might be due to accidental or intentional deletion, formatting the memory card or because of some unknown reasons. Did you delete some of your precious files from memory card while deleting unwanted one. Worried how to restore files from memory card after deletion? Need not worry!! With the advent of technology, several recovery tools are developed by skilled professionals who are having experience in designing file recovery tools. However, memory card recovery software is among the best rescue toolkit which will help you to get back deleted file on memory card effectively with accuracy.

Major factors responsible for deletion of memory card files:

  • While scanning memory card on computer, if the anti-virus software finds some infected file then it would delete the file without any warning message causing data loss.
  • Inadvertently formatting the memory card on computer or digital camera will delete entire files stored on the memory card leading to loss of files if there is no backup of lost files.
  • While previewing couple of photo files on camera memory card, by mistake you might hit “Delete All” option and end up all the valuable image files residing inside the camera memory card. So, if you want to rescue memory card data then use memory card recovery tool.
  • Unexpected power failure while copying files from memory card to computer or vice versa is the other main cause due to which you might lose your important files from the device.

Important tips to remember: Need not use memory card after deletion or loss of files to store new files which helps to prevent overwriting of files and increases chances of data recovery. In addition to this, it’s important to create backup of all important files.

However, even after following important tips, still there are some conditions which results in data loss. Memory card recovery tool is the one stop solution for all data loss problems. The software comes up with robust scanning engine that does scanning of entire memory card of Android Smart Phone to identify the file type of deleted or lost data and then by making use of their unique file attributes it helps in retrieving lost data. This application can effectively find Android memory card files just in a fraction of seconds.

Obtain trial version of memory card recovery toolkit and install it on the hard disk of your Windows or Mac based system. Once the software gets installed, just double click the shortcut icon which you get on your desktop and run the software. Then as per your data loss scenarios, select suitable file rescue options which you face during the recovery process. When the recovery process is finished, it is possible for you to view the restored files and if you find that the application has done restoration as per your requirement then you can buy its full version available on the web.