How to shield USB drive with password

The most widely used secondary storage device in the world is USB drive. They’re also known as USB flash drives, pen drives etc. The use of these USB drives is to store data files and to make a backup of vital data. Beside of this it’s several other useful applications. The foremost attracting factor in these USB drive is that they are moveable, meaning they can be carried anywhere, since they’re very tiny in size they’re more susceptible to get stolen.

Consider a case that you just pay lot of your time and prepare some vital and sensitive office document, after preparing the document you store that prepared document into your USB drive, suppose your enemy in your office is expecting an opportunity to screw you somewhere, and if he steals your USB drive and make any errors in your prepared document then what would you do, errors in the prepared document will back fire you, and allow you to get screwed before of your boss.

Now you would possibly be thinking that how to avoid this and the way to safe guard data stored in USB drive? It’s very easy just set the password to your USB drive and get eased off concerning the confidential data stored on your USB drive. Once you set a password to your USB drive the data stored into it gets encrypted and your USB drive becomes a secure place to your confidential data.

Encryption is nothing but a way to guard sensitive data by assigning a password to it, you need to give a right password and keep in mind the same, so that when you access your data the given password is entered properly. When you encrypt the data of your USB drive it becomes inaccessible unless the correct password is entered.

Now you would possibly get a question in your mind telling that how to encrypt data on USB flash drive? It’s very easy all you need to do is use an encrypting application, which can encrypt all of your sensitive data on your USB drive and makes you to become free from distressing it.

Encrypting software helps you in many ways and it will lock USB flash drive with password that makes you to remain less disquieted concerning your confidential data. This encrypting software has the following helpful features:

  • This encrypting application effortlessly encrypts your confidential data and make the data password protected
  • This powerful application has the flexibility to encrypt any files including office files, movies, photos, music files etc
  • This application supports all new versions of Windows operating system like Windows XP, Windows vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 etc
  • You can also use this application to run on Mac OS as well as on android and iOS
  • You can safeguard your confidential files on all sorts of secondary storage media like pen drive, SD card, external hard drive etc
  • This encrypting tool is completely free of cost
  • This wonderful tool is graphical user interface

If you wish to try out this encrypting tool then you can download the free application available on our web site and install on your pc. Once installing it run the software and set a password to your confidential files stored in the USB drive.