Efficiently Retrieve Deleted Video Files from Pen Drive

Nowadays, pen drive is one of the most widely used external data storage devices. Pen drives are flash storage memory devices, also called “electrically erasable ROM” which use electrical signals to erase the data from pen drive. Pen drives are widely used because of its portable size, good data storage capacity, faster and easy data transfer from one place to another.  It can store the data ranging from 256MB to 64GB respectively. It can store all types of data like audio, video, documents etc.

Pen drives uses the USB interface by which it can be used as a plug-and-play device and can easily get connected with any electronic gadget like computer, laptops, digital camera, camcorders, music systems etc. The pen drives are rewritable and removable device that provide the most secure and the cheapest way of data storage.

Common reasons for the deletion of videos from pen drive:

  • Interruption during file transfer: While transferring the files from pen drive to the PC, after connecting to the PC any interruption occurs due to hardware issues like Power surge can cause the deletion of video files from pen drive.
  • Accidental deletion: While managing the video files on pen drive after connecting to the system accidentally some video files may get permanently get deleted because these deleted files from external storage devices like pen drives, memory cards etc. are not getting stored on the Recycle Bin folder of the system form where later recovery of deleted files is possible.
  • Accidental formatting of pen drive: Accidental formatting of pen drive can cause the deletion of all stored data from pen drive.
  • Corruption of pen drive: While using the pen drive on the multiple systems that are formatted on different file systems can cause the corruption of pen drive. This pen drive corruption will result in deletion of all stored videos from pen drive.
  • Other scenarios of data deletion form pen drive: Some other scenarios of data deletion from pen drive are as follows: deletion of data due to virus and malware infection, deletion of data due to unreliable third party tool and interruption while changing the file system of pen drive etc. can cause the deletion of video files from pen drives.

If you come across any one of these above mentioned deletion scenarios, then you can use Recover Flash Disk utility to recover deleted videos from pen drive. Recover Flash Disk utility is the most recommended tools by industry experts that helps to restore deleted videos from USB drive in few simple steps.

Excellent features of Recover Flash Disk utility:

  • Recover Flash Disk tool is used to retrieve deleted videos from USB drive on following Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 2003 ,2008 server etc.
  • The tool can recover deleted videos from pen drive that is formatted with different file systems like FAT, NTFS, and Ex-FAT on Mac and Windows operating system platforms.
  • Recovering the data from other removable devices like memory cards, flash drives, and external hard drives is also possible by using this tool.
  • This tool also supports following Mac operating system versions like Mac Lion, Leopard, Yosemite and OS X etc.
  • It can recover deleted videos from pen drive manufactures like Kingston, Sony, Transcend, SanDisk and Laxer etc.