About Repairing Corrupt Mp4 File


“I am looking for software to repair mp4 file which has been corrupted due to unknown reasons. It is very much need me to repair the file. Can anyone please help me for repairing corrupt mp4 file?”

MP4 is a popular digital multimedia video file format which contains both audio and video streams, MP4 files are based on MOV; it also supports subtitle and motionless images. All the MP4 files use the Audio Video Codec. MP4 files supports in all operating systems because MP4 formats are very reliable. The size of MP4 is larger than the file size of other video file format, Because of large file size the possibility of corruption of mp4 file is high.

MP4 files can be played in various electronic devices like smart phones, tabs, computers, digital cameras, iPod, etc. MP4 files can be played with many players such as VLC player, QuickTime player, GOM media player, Windows player, CC player etc.

How MP4/MOV files get corrupt

  • Virus attack: Virus is a program that can corrupt the mp4 file. When virus affects your hard disk it starts corrupting all files on your hard disk including your precious MP4 video files. Viruses also affect the performance of hard disk and make your files inaccessible.
  • File Header error: File header contains all the information related to the files on the hard disk. If the file header gets corrupted then you would not be able to access any of MP4 video files from hard disk.
  • Partial File System Conversion: MP4 files get corrupted due to partial file system conversion. If any error occurs during the converting a MP4 into other file format using a non reliable converting tools. Sometimes converter crashes when you trying to Import your videos after converting.
  • Errors while transferring: Errors may occur while the moving of files from one location to another, it may create Bad sectors and loss of MP4 files.

While recording videos on full memory card on such situation the file may get corrupt or damage.

How to Repair corrupt mp4 file:

MOV File Repair is the one of the advanced tool which is used for repair corrupt MP4 file. Industrial experts preferred as the best software MOV File Repair to fix corrupt MP4 video files within a short span of time. This tool repair damaged MOV files more effectively as compared to other repair tools. It also repairs the corrupted MP4 video files without affecting the core files. These tools have the ability to repair corrupt MP4 file very faster and Mp4 corrupt file repair can be performed without facing any kind of difficulty.

Repair of MOV files is also possible with this utility. This tool is user friendly; no technical knowledge is required to know how to repair corrupt MP4/MOV files. This tool has advanced repairing algorithm that facilitate you to repair corrupt mp4 file in few mouse clicks. “Preview” option, allows you to get an earlier look at the repaired file. If the user is satisfied with the repaired file then he can purchase the license of MOV File Repair to save the repaired file.MOV File Repair supports in both windows and in Mac .It also allows user to repair MOV files on Mac Book Pro in efficient way.